Condo Insurance

Condos are an excellent investment; protect yours with premium, affordable insurance. Condo insurance is unique, and your insurance policy covers personal property, liability, and home improvement additions.

Things to Consider

When purchasing a condominium, be sure to read the bylaws and trust agreements by the condo association. The condo association will have a master insurance plan that provides insurance coverage for the structure of the building and all common areas. You will be responsible for insuring everything within your four walls, typically including interior walls/ceilings, permanent fixtures, and any home improvements you make, such as new appliances, carpeting, and wall treatments.

From property loss to fire, weather, or property crimes, Condo insurance can protect you from the financial headaches associated with repairing your property and also can provide coverage for liability claims against you.

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What Does Condo Insurance Cover?

With sufficient condo coverage, you can protect your condo from covered perils and interior portions not covered by association coverage. Let Woods Insurance, your insurance expert, get you the coverage you need.


Finding the Right Policy for You, Contact Woods Insurance

It’s important to be familiar with the bylaws of your condominium association’s master insurance policy. This ensures that you meet the minimum coverage requirement and also not paying for more coverage than you already have. With Woods Insurance, we will help you personalize the right condo insurance coverage and find ways to help you save money. Call Woods Insurance at (800) 949-3720 today for more information and start comparing insurance quotes.

We’re licensed in 33 states, so get started today.

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